Complex payments: Airlines, property guardians, construction, multi-company,…

Because they are very specific to a sector of activity, some pay slips are extremely complex to produce.
No collective agreement, multiple internal rules, no automation possible… make payroll implementation difficult, with significant implementation times.


The pay of pilots and flight attendants in air transport is particularly complex and sensitive! 1200 pay slips are processed monthly.

Property guardians

Since 2008, we treat more than 1,000 monthly payroll guards and building employees and so we are familiar with the features and constraints of the profession and the collective agreement..
Find here the information of the Mandatory conventional regime – HUMANIS

Other sectors

In 18 years of experience, we treated multiple folders with specific issues and collective agreements (Building, HCR, metallurgy, wholesale, retail, Syntec …) that allows us to respond to 98% prospects seeking us.