Quality, competence and service are the keywords of our payroll services.
These 3 qualities are at the heart of our commitment with our customers and we always try to give you the best service as soon as possible.

Payroll and personnel administration

18 years of expertise for SMEs from 10 to 500 employees.

In a complex regulatory context, GRH Services frees you from administrative tasks that represent the Payroll and Personnel Administration to allow you to focus on your business.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll becomes a matter for specialists :

  • Establishment of pay slips
  • Social declarations (URSSAF – Job Center – supplementary pension and provident – Mutual)
  • Salary Certifications (sickness, maternity, employment injury)
  • Records of end of contract CDD / CDI (full and final settlement, employment certificate, Job Center certificate)
  • Ensure the Labour Code / Collective Agreement
  • Control Assistance URSSAF

Monthly Pay Variables

Whether the payroll variables come from an Excel file or a pointing software (Bodet, Octime, …), we are able to process them.

We can provide you with an input tool of variable pay (leave, bonuses, reimbursement of expenses …).

A validation workflow enables all your employees enter their requests for leave, RTT, … and view their meters …

Remote access to our software

We have the opportunity to give you secure access via the Internet to our payroll software to view the data, or return variables yourself if you wish.

Reportings – Dashboards

We have a powerful data mining tool that allows us to build you excel on :

  • Dashboards (input-output, increases, absenteeism, etc.)
  • Monthly Reporting HR
  • Extraction of topics for monitoring and expenses
  • Data Listings, timely statistics …

You can also have secure access via the Internet to be autonomous in the production of documents.

Audit of takeover and handover

Recovery audit: we perform a prior audit of your file, in order to verify the compliance of the payroll data transferred.

Payroll Process : the analysis of the client’s payroll process allows us to ensure the recovery of your file without disrupting your organization and in full transparency with your employees.

A qualified and reactive payroll manager

Competence and reactivity, here is what seduces our customers! and relational, of course…

A qualified outsourced payroll manager (in Bordeaux or Paris) takes charge of your file and makes himself available to answer your questions.