Some questions about the payroll audit :

  • Are you sure about the compliance of your payroll ?
  • Are you aware of the new legislation on payrolls ?
  • Have you had time to properly integrate all regulatory changes ?

If adjustments are not carried out regularly, there are a lot of risks :

  • too high or missing contributions
  • false payslips
  • Failure to comply with the law or conventional rules

The payroll audit is the time to make a diagnosis of situation of your business practices with conventional and legal rules in order to know the level of risk you are willing to take.

The three major issues of the audit pays :

  • Avoid litigation : that may be several years, with a risk of recalls
  • Make prevention : to prevent recovery of funds (URSSAF, job center, Retirement, Welfare / Mutual)
  • Cost savings : optimizing social charges. Conduct a payroll audit provides a unique opportunity to ask the right questions, which can find answers in our recommendations

Recognized expertise

GRH Services, with 18 years of daily work with SMEs and large companies, offers its expertise in these demanding fields such as payroll and social. We can also assist you in communicating with employees during the execution of the recommendations.

The audit of payroll: Move with confidence and secure your payroll !