Like Large Groups, you also benefit from all the services of an HRD without bearing all the fixed costs!

Outsourced HRD: entreprise with 50 to 500 employees

Start-ups, growing companies: outsourcing your HR specialists allows you to focus on your business development !

GRH Services provides for some of its customers, the complete HR of the company.

With the experience of the President – Founder who spent many years in an HRD position in large groups, the concept of outsourcing can be pushed to the maximum.

So through our team of lawyers in employment law, Payroll, HR and Labor Relations Specialists, we support, with the client, the management of its human resources.

Our missions of outsourced HR :

  • Strategy and HR organization with the customer
  • Execution of the strategy – procedures
  • Staff Administration (payroll, social statements, hiring …)
  • HR Management
  • Legal HR: employment contracts, disciplinary procedures, breach of contract (conventional failures, layoffs, resignations)
  • Negotiation of difficult leaves (transactions …)
  • Staff Representatives (Preparation of elections, follows of the monthly meetings …)
  • Negotiation of agreements with trade unions
  • Training
  • Recruitment

Consult us to see what we can do together!