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Airport handling services provider looks to outsourcing for global expansion

Menzies Aviation, a global provider of passenger, ramp and cargo handling services, explains how they expanded their global footprint effortlessly with the support of ALT International.

About the Client

Menzies Aviation has grown rapidly since its conception in 1995. Through a combination of organic growth, acquisitions and the development of niche opportunities, have established as a major force in the international ground handling industry.
Operating at 149 stations in 31 countries and supported by a worldwide team of more than 21,500 people, serving over 500 airline customers handling over 1.0 million flights and 1.5 million tonnes of cargo per annum.

In our own words

“Dealing with Unions and Work Councils locally in countries, we were deeply challenged with labor negotiation. Especially in France, regulations require highly experienced HR professionals to deal with workers representative. We did not have anyone at that time who could assume that role, and it became a major obstacle in our operations plan. It was impacting significantly on productivity and a huge amount of time for us to manage.”
“Because of the excellent service we received from ALT International in Spain, we went on to use the ALT International Partner; GRH Services, in setting up an HR Service for our operating bases in France.”

How ALT International helped us

“GRH Services provided a deep expertise in helping us to set things up in France so we could get operations moving. They took care of everything from compliance to the negotiation with Social Partners. GRH Services eased our relationship with workers representative. They made it quite easier for us. With their assistance, there were minimum resources required from our end and that allowed us to focus 100% on the operations.”
“We found GRH Services to be a reliable and responsive partner. They provided us with a single point of contact that we could turn to whenever we required assistance. The level of support given to us was great and their staff always had our best interests in mind.”

In the future

“Through our experience working with ALT International, we have established a solid relationship and mutual understanding. We know what to expect from them and we would use them as a service provider in future expansion for similar services in other countries.”

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« We succeeded having GRH-ALT being a fully integrated part of our HR Department.
It’s a winning combination! »
Juan L. Vidal – VP Southern Europe Menzies Aviation

GRH Services, with ALT International provides the following services to MENZIES AVIATION in France :

  • Compliance & Labor Advice
  • Personnel Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Labor Relations
  • Punctual On-site HR Support
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